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Why the Instructor matters.....

It is common knowledge that someone's ability to shoot is completely unrelated to their ability to teach some one else to shoot. Our instructors shoot with and against the best tactical long range shooters in the world. Many of the best shooters in the country have absolutely no interest or ability to teach and they will tell you that themselves. Our staff of instructors composed of Paul McCoy, David McNeil, and Matt Partain are widely known and respected both as shooters and as instructors. These guys all remember what it was like to be the new shooter with way more questions than answers. Our instructors are patient and deliver subject matter in easy to understand terms. They also take the time to explain the logic and physics behind what they are asking you to do. The goal for our courses is for the shooter to leave competent through an understanding of the subject matter that allows them to continue to grow and solve problems on their own. 
Precision Rifle I

All PR1 classes for 2019 will be held at a brand new 3 million dollar world class facility in Holt, Florida that is located 45 minutes north of the white sandy beaches of Destin, Florida.


June 1-2

July 13-14

September 14&15

Designed for students who have never attended any type of formal long range training course
Distances-100-1000 yards
Topics Covered
Equipment Selection and Setup- Caliber Selection, Rifle Selection, Optic mounting and selection
Applied Ballistics for Long Range Shooting
Ballistic Solvers- Phone based apps as well as Kestrel based apps will be covered in depth
Systems of Angular Measurement- MOA and MILS will be explained
Proper Shooting Fundamentals- Students will learn natural point of aim and recoil management, grip, trigger squeeze and much more!
Wind Reading and Strategies- Wind reading takes years to master but wind strategies can be learned in a few hours. 
Interpreting Mirage- Mirage is a very complex subject that causes far more problems than people realize
Developing Firing Solutions for multiple targets and distances- You must be able to adjust "on the fly" as conditions change!
Ranging targets using your reticle- Referred to as "Milling" this is a great skill to have. 

Student Competition- We end the course with a friendly competition which lets you use all of the skills you learned over the weekend. 

Tactical Competition Course

Tactical Rifle Competitions have become the fastest growing segment of competitive shooting. Our course is designed to teach you the skills needed to become a successful tactical competitor. Student must have attended some type of formal long range training as a prerequisite for this course. 










Distances- 400-1000 yards
Topics Covered
Advanced Equipment Selection and Setup
Advanced Ballistics and Velocity Management
Natural Point of Aim and Recoil Management from common shooting props
Obtaining a Proper Zero- This is extremely important and often overlooked skill.
Competition Accessories-Bags, bi-pods, tri-pods, slings, range finders, data cards
Weather Meters/Ballistic solvers- How and when to use them
Developing and Modifying Wind Strategies- The wind changes constantly most days. You have to change with it!
Strategies for Common Shooting Props- Most props fall into one of 4 categories. We will cover equipment setup and positioning for barricades and other common props. 
Advanced Shooting Props- Moving platforms, moving targets, nets, tri-pods, and other difficult props will be demonstrated 
Time Management-Time is the main "stress" in most competitions. You must manage it. 
Engaging Multiple Targets/Distances- You must be able to do this and constantly monitor the wind and adjust. This is the most difficult skill to learn!
Student Competition- The last day of class will include a mini-tactical competition for the students. This will be run "real world" with time limits. 

Precision Rifle ELR

This course includes everything covered in our Precision Rifle I course but students receive additional training specifically geared for extreme long range shooting. Students have the opportunity to engage targets out to 2300 yards!

This 2 day class is taught at the Arena Training Facility in Blakely, GA. The cost for this course includes training, lodging, and all your meals. The students who attend this course all leave with a permanent smile on their faces! The staff at the range and our instructors make sure every student not only learns but more importantly they have a good time. 

Next class is Dec 7&8 2019. Tuition is $985