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Upcoming Training Courses

Precision Rifle I 
July 13&14 Holt, Fl
September 14&15 Holt Fl


Extended Long Range Rifle 2300 meters

Dec 7&8 Blakely, GA

Our Philosophy

PMAC Precision is in the business of building the most accurate rifles available any where in the world. Our attention to detail and the accuracy of our rifles has resulted in PMAC Precision having customers in many  countries around the world. 









 An extremely accurate rifle is of little use to someone who has never been trained in the proper fundamentals of marksmanship. For this reason we also offer world class precision rifle instruction to our customers and others. This ensures that when you purchase one of our rifles you will be able to get 100% of the available accuracy from it. Our classes are taught 45 minutes north of Destin, FL. This means you can drop the family off at the beach and come shoot with us for a day or two. We offer rifle/training packages designed around your specific needs as well. 


In addition we offer Extreme Long Range courses which are taught in Blakely, GA. Students will engage targets out to 2300 meters. Our next course is Dec 7&8 2019 and includes all meals and lodging in the cost of tuition. Contact Paul at pmacprecsion@gmail.com for more information. 

The Legendary 7mm-300 WM

If you had approached me 5 years ago and told me there was a caliber that would shoot accurately to 2300 yards, shoot under 1/4 moa at 100 yards, and have recoil comparable to a 6.5 Creedmoor I would have assumed you were joking. Then I built my first 7mm-300WM. The rifle does all those things and more! In addition to accuracy and long range performance, it is easy to load for and can be shot from 2800 fps to 3050 fps depending on your needs. Using a 195 Berger VLD this rifle will kill anything that walks in North America at 1000 yards!!!

Two happy 7-300WM customers!








For long range target or recreational shooting there isn't a better caliber. The 300WM brass is affordable and uses a reasonable amount of powder compared to a 338 LM. It has 30% of the recoil compared to the 338LM as well. PMAC Precision has built dozens of these 7mm-300WM rifles and every customer calls back simply amazed at the accuracy and performance. Check out this and our other rifle packages here. 

 Valdada 4.8-30 x 56 G2 Recons
are in stock! German Schott glass, 40mm main tube, 150 MOA of adjustment, huge eye relief, perfect turret tension, perfect line spacing, illuminated!
I have tested this scope against all of the top tactical scopes available including S&B and this scope continues to come out on top. I have been shooting this scope for months and it is literally the first flawless optic I have ever found. After thousands of rounds and numerous matches is still tracks perfectly!
Available in Mil/Mil and MOA/MOA.

Contact Paul at pmacprecision@gmail.com
to buy the best tactical scope you will ever own!

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